** Students are all set to Rock the National Youtrh Festival. **       ** Our Students got Bronze Medal in Cycling. **       ** Arya PG College is the 9th Time overall winner of the Zonal Youth Festival(Karnal Zone) held at Israna. 23 Items of Arya PG College gets recommended (First prize) whereas 9 items get commended(2nd Prize) obtaining 32 prizes in total. **       **Arya P.G. College successfully organized Annual function on 19th April 2017.** ** College with potential of excellence status by UGC*

Zonal Youth Festival 2013

Arya PG College win Zonal Youth Festival organized at SD College, Panipat. 

  • Recommended Items
  1. One Act Play (Hindi).
  2. Sanskrit Drama.
  3. Choreography.
  4. Mime.
  5. Haryanvi Skit
  6. Rasia
  7. Saang.
  8. Indian Orchestra.
  9. Classical Vocal Solo.
  10.  Mimicry
  11.  Haryanvi Solo Dance (Male)
  12.  Haryanvi Solo Dance (Female)
  • Commended items
  1. Haryanvi Group Dance.
  2. Haryanvi Pop song.
  3. Western Group Song. 
  4. Western Instrumental (Solo).
  5. Classical Instrumental Solo (Non percussion)
  • Best Actor and Actress
  1. Sandeep Sharma   (Haryanvi Skit).
  2. Rahul (One Act Play).
  3. Mansi (Sanskrit Drama).
  4. Mintu Sharma (Saang).